Papers presented at national and international congresses.

1. Presentation of the Communiqué "The Developments in the field of Real Securities in the Turkish Civil Law" ("Les nouveautés concernant les sûretés réels dans le Code civil Turc") during the International Symposium held in Istanbul on 2-3 November 2007 titled "Similarities and Differences on the 100th anniversary of the Swiss Civil Law and the 80th anniversary of the Turkish Civil Law", in 100 Jahre Schweizerisches ZGB 80 Jahre Türkische ZGB - Konvergenzen und Divergenzen - ,2008, Berlin, pp. 130-133

2. Presentation of the Communiqué "Developments in the Banks’ Practices of Pledging Movable Property" during the Banking and Consumer Law Colloque within the scope of Turkish-Swiss Law Days (Journées Juridiques Turco-Suisses Türkisch - Schweizerische Juristentage), Istanbul, 2010, pp. 327-330.

3. Presentation of the Communiqué "Developments and Changes Related to the Competent Jurisdiction to Resolve Disputes between Professional Footballers and Clubs" during the International Sports Law Symposium within the scope of 60th International Association of Legal Science ("IALS") Congress held in Istanbul on 13-14 May 2010 by the International Association of Legal Science (IALS), Turkish National Committee and Comparative Law Research and Application Center of the Faculty of Law, Istanbul University, Istanbul, 2010 (to be printed soon).

4. Presentation of the Communiqué "Rights Creating Sales Relationship" during the Symposium on Turkish Code of Obligations held at Istanbul Bilgi University on 1-2 April 2011, Symposium on Turkish Code of Obligations, Istanbul, 2012, pp. 223-233.

5. Presentation of the Communiqué "About the Decisions of the Supreme Court of Appeals on the Preemptive Right Arising from Article 713 of our Civil Law and the law" during the "Symposium on Evaluation of the Decisions issued by the Supreme Court of Appeals in relation to Civil Law" held at Istanbul University on 21 May 2012, Istanbul, 2012 (to be printed soon).

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